Travel Enthusiast Mike Glad Discusses the Most Unforgettable Things to do in Guatemala

Mike Glad

May 15, 2021

Travel Enthusiast Mike Glad Discusses the Most Unforgettable Things to do in Guatemala

A vibrant indigenous culture, active volcanoes, and colorful markets ensure any visitor to Guatemala will not be bored on their trip. You will find culture, history, adventure, and some of the warmest and friendliest locals around. While traveling to Guatemala may not always be easy but if you visit with an open mind, the country will steal a piece of your heart! Mike Glad, a travel enthusiast who has traveled to Guatemala countless times, shares his secrets of unforgettable attractions in the country!

Drink Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala is globally known for its delicious and robust coffee beans, which are exported to countless countries. That means you may have already had Guatemalan coffee before setting foot in the country. For coffee lovers, you are going to be buzzed your entire time in Guatemala. In the tourist-friendly towns, you will discover a variety of cute cafes with local artisan coffees and beautiful décor. To learn more about the coffee bean process and support local farmers, visit a coffee farm.

Hike Up to Active Volcanoes

With 37 volcanoes in the country, Guatemala is a great place to explore nature. Fuego, Pacaya, and Santiaguito Volcanoes are still active and poplar places to visit. Getting up close and personal with these mighty forces of nature will be one of the highlights of your trip. You can even roast marshmallows over the hot lava!

Immerse Yourself in Antigua

When visiting Antigua, it is difficult not to fall in love with this charming colonial city, surrounded by volcanoes. Navigate past colorful buildings and through the beautiful cobblestone streets to be transported back to a simpler time.

Reach Zen at Lake Atitlan

As Mike Glad knows, Lake Atitlan has a way of getting visitors to stay longer than intended. Although there are a variety of activities at the lake, it is an amazing place to kick back and relax. Jumping off docks and swimming or kayaking along the shoreline is a must. Not into watersports? Then soak up the lake view with a good book.

Ride in a Chicken Bus

Chicken busses are brightly-painted American school busses aptly named because locals bring every item aboard. From bags or produce to machinery parts to chickens! Mike Glad suggests that a ride on a chicken bus will make for a memorable experience.

Shop for Artisan Goods

Guatemala is known for its beautifully crafted artisan goods and colorful textiles. If finding a suitcase of souvenirs is your forte, Mike Glad suggests visiting a local market for handmade goods. It gives you a chance to support the local community, get a glimpse of local life, and try regional foods. The best markets include Chichicastenango Market and Sololá Market.

Mike Glad is well-versed in these Guatemalan attractions along with many other sites across the country. Guatemala is a treasure trove of history, old-world customs, and crafts, nature, and is an overall beautiful place to take your next vacation.