Art and Film Industry Have Mike Glad to Thank for Pioneering Success

Mike Glad

March 13, 2021

Art and Film Industry Have Mike Glad to Thank for Pioneering Success

The art and film industry is one that people all over the world enjoy through television, film, and other forms of media. While he has recently retired, Mike Glad is one individual that provided a lot to the industry and gave insight into parts of the world that people would not otherwise get to see or experience. Through the course of his career, he had a wide range of different accomplishments that will continue to have an impact on the industry for years to come.

 Mike Glad Documented the Lives of People Across the World

The world today continues to become more connected than ever before. This has made it much easier to learn more about different countries and cultures by doing some quick searches online. However, there continue to be communities of people all over the world that are disconnected from the rest of the global population. For more than 35 years, Mike Glad studied and documented these people and shared their stories through a variety of media platforms.

 Recycled Life Receives Major Nomination

For anyone that is in the film industry, being acknowledged by your peers is a major achievement. Mike Glad was a very proud recipient of an Academy Award nomination for his work on Recycled Life. This was a short film and documentary that discussed the generations of family that lived by Guatemala City Garbage Dump in Central America and the impact that this has had on the local community.

 Travel Magazines Rely on Glad

Mike Glad was also well known for contributing to a variety of travel magazines. During his professional career, he documented and photographed a wide range of locations for different magazines including Travel Magazine and a travel publication for Delta Airlines. This helped to bring his work to people all over the world.

 Art Collection Industry Continues to be Transformed by Glad

Beyond producing his own work and art, Mike Glad has also been a very successful art collector. By spending his entire career traveling the globe, he was able to see and experience many different forms of art. It quickly became a hobby of his to purchase different forms of art and bring them back to his home. Many of these pieces have grown in appreciation and value since he acquired them. Beyond having a personal art collection, he was also involved in being a large contributor to art exhibits located all over the world including in Germany, Canada, and Denmark.

 The art and film industry has a lot to thank Mike Glad for. As he continues to enjoy his retirement, he will be able to see how exactly his efforts and successes will have shaped the industry for years to come. This is evident through work and processes that are inspired by the work he has done throughout his career.